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Your weight loss consultation with Healthier Weight

To help you to get the most value out of your consultation, we have prepared this pre-consult guide with some useful information and answers to some frequently asked questions. The final section suggests a few prompts for questions you might like to ask or things you might like to consider to make sure that you leave fully informed and ready to make a decision. You may wish to use these prompts if you are attending consultations with other providers as well.

We hope you find it useful.

Booking appointments

Your consultation will be with a bariatric consultant who specialises in weight loss procedures. The aim of the consultation is to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about whether a weight loss procedure is right for you and to assess your eligibility to proceed. This is your opportunity to ask any questions or to air any concerns that you have so please don't worry about asking "silly questions". We understand that this is a big decision and our consultants are happy to answer any question, no matter how insignificant you think it may be. We don't want you to have any doubts or concerns so if there's something on your mind, please ask.

The consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and will include the following:

  • A detailed discussion about the procedure(s) you are considering.
  • Discussion of your weight loss history and reasons for considering a procedure
  • Discussion of your medical history including any current medical conditions and medication you are taking
  • Short medical assessment

IMPORTANT: If you are taking any medications, please taken them with you to your consultation (preferably in original packaging)

Need to change or cancel your consultation appointment?
Please note that as we experience a high demand for appointments, we require 7 days notice to cancel or reschedule your consultation. Cancellations with less than 7 days notice will incur a £60 cancellation charge. 

Your next steps after your consultation

Your Patient Care Coordinator will call you shortly after your consultation to discuss your next steps. This can be a good time to ask any further questions or to clarify anything that was discussed. We are here to help.

Although we hear from patients that some other clinics operate a hard sell approach, rest assured that we won't put any pressure on you to make a decision. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed following your consultation and you can take as much time as you need to decide whether a procedure is right for you. It is common, however, for patients to leave their consultation with a desire to start their journey straight away and if this is the case for you, the following steps will apply to booking your procedure.

Choosing your procedure date and location
If having your procedure is date sensitive, you may wish to secure a convenient date with your Patient Care Coordinator when they call as we do get booked up quickly. A £1000 deposit is required to book your procedure which can be paid by telephone.

Please note that medical best practice is to allow a 'cooling off period' between the consultation and the procedure
to give you sufficient time to consider your decision. Our policy conforms with this best practice so your procedure date would be a minimum of 10 days after your consultation.

Signing consent paperwork
We will send you documents to read through in advance to ensure that you fully understand the
procedure you have chosen. Our consent process is all online using the secure signing process by Docusign so receiving and sending back signed paperwork is quick and hassle free. There is no need to post or fax anything, unless you prefer to do it this way.

Paying the balance of your procedure
The final balance is due a minimum of 7 working days prior to your procedure. If you are funding the procedure yourself, you can pay by debit or credit card or via a bank transfer. Cheques can be accepted but must be received 10 days before your procedure to allow funds to clear in time.

If you are funding the procedure using an afforditNOW loan, afforditNOW will transfer the balance on your behalf.

Finance options
Many patients require finance to fund all or part of their weight loss procedure and we can offer two payment options to help*:

Loan up to the full cost of your procedure (all procedures)

We partner with afforditNOW to provide funding for up to the full cost (less a deposit) of your weight loss procedure at low rates of interest, representative APR 14.9%. The cost is spread into manageable monthly payments over a period of 36 or 48 months.

Call us on 0800 313 4618 to find out if you're eligible

Interest free payment plan (gastric band / gastric balloon)

If you don't need to fund the full cost of your weight loss procedure, you can choose to defer (delay) £2000 of the cost with our interest free payment plan. The remainder of the procedure cost is paid upfront and the deferred £2000 is paid in interest free instalments over 6-12 months with the first payment due 30 days after your procedure.

This is an in-house instalment credit agreement linked to your gastric band / gastric balloon aftercare package. It is not finance as we don’t do credit checks, the only eligibility requirement is that you are employed and all we will need are recent pay slips (or bank statements if self employed) and a utility bill.

*Subject to individual status and UK residence. Terms and conditions apply. Healthier Weight is a trading name of Weight to Go Limited (WTG) who are a registered credit broker. WTG is not a lender. WTG does not charge fees nor does it receive fees in respect of any consumer lending.


Up to 5 year warranty
The length of aftercare and surgical warranty included within your package depends on the procedure you have chosen.

Gastric band

Aftercare: 2 years free aftercare including adjustments, clinic reviews, emergency helpline, private patient forum.

Warranty: 2 year surgical warranty included as standard to cover the most common gastric band complications such as a band leak, slippage or port problems. If you experience a complication that requires a revisional procedure to put it right, the costs will be covered under warranty.

Extended Warranty Option: For extra peace of mind, upgrade for a small extra charge and enjoy these additional benefits:
  • Surgical warranty extended to 5 years.
  • 5 Year Insolvency Protection means that even if we were to go out of business, you would not lose your warranty cover 
  • FREE Pre and post-op surgery hamper to provide all the food you need to cover the 5 weeks around your procedure

Aftercare package comparison

Gastric bypass

Aftercare: 2 years unlimited free aftercare including clinic reviews, 6 month blood test, emergency helpline, private patient forum.

Warranty: 30 day surgical warranty included as standard. If you have an extended stay in hospital or you need to return to theatre within 30 days, we will meet any related hospital and consultant costs.

Gastric sleeve

Aftercare: 2 years unlimited free aftercare including clinic reviews, 6 month blood test, emergency helpline, private patient forum.

Warranty: 30 day surgical warranty is included as standard. If you have an extended stay in hospital or you need to return to theatre within 30 days, we will meet any related hospital and consultant costs.

Gastric balloon

Aftercare: 12 months unlimited free aftercare including clinic reviews, access to emergency helpline and private patient forum.

Warranty: A gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure so a surgical warranty is not applicable.

Questions to ask at consultation
Taking the decision to have a weight loss procedure is a big step and we understand that it can be daunting. It is likely that you already have a few things you want to discuss at your consultation but sometimes it can help to prepare a few questions in advance. The following is a list of questions that we are regularly asked at consultation. You may find it helpful to use as a checklist during your consultation with Healthier Weight or indeed any other provider.

  • Why do I have to follow a special diet before my procedure?
  • When can I go back to work after my procedure?
  • What scars am I likely to have?
  • How likely am I to experience a complication? What are Healthier Weight's complication rates, are they publicly available?
  • What happens if I do experience a complication, what is covered under the surgical warranty?
  • How often do I need to come back to clinic after my procedure? How often do I need adjustments (gastric band)?

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.