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Martyn Berrett

Fat-shaming is not the answer.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yesterday saw a debate on Good Morning Britain where Piers Morgan and Danni Levy advocated for fat-shaming as the cure for obesity. The conversation continued online: James Corden has slammed a US TV presenter who claimed humiliating obese people helps them lose weight. Is fat-shaming an effective treatment or just bullying?@piersmorgan | @susannareid100 | @CharlotteHawkns | #GMB pic.twitter.com/EmTG73QqRY — Good Morning Britain (@GMB) September 16,

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ESG Update

Reading Time: 1 minute There have been two encouraging studies this month for the ESG (non-surgical sleeve). The first was a small French study (from the IRCAD Centre in

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Gastric sleeve

Gastric Sleeve on the NHS

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gastric sleeve surgery is now the dominant bariatric surgery procedure in the NHS and across the world. It’s grown very popular over the last few

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Gastric band

Why so few NHS bands?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We look into the success and failures of the gastric band and tackle the big question that gets asked regularly in the UK. Why does

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Cancer and Weight Loss

Reading Time: 5 minutes Obesity is the UK’s biggest cause of cancer after smoking. Being overweight doesn’t mean that someone will definitely develop cancer. But, if a person is

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